Comparing Celebrity Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have always symbolized love and commitment, but celebrity engagement rings take this tradition to a new, visible storytelling level. Over the past few years, we’ve seen many stunning diamond rings that reflect the personalities and preferences of their famous wearers. Let’s compare and contrast some of the most memorable celebrity diamond engagement rings, highlighting the pros and cons of each style.

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Jennifer Lawrence: Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Image Source: The Cut

Jennifer’s Ring:

  • Elegant Lines: The step cuts of an emerald-cut diamond create an elegant, sophisticated look.
  • Unique Radiance: While it may not always sparkle like round cuts, the long lines and large facets create a dramatic, mirror-like effect.
  • Finger-Flattering: The elongated shape can make fingers appear longer and more slender.


  • Visible Inclusions: The open facets of an emerald cut can make inclusions and flaws more visible.
  • Less Sparkle: This cut doesn’t have the same level of sparkle as brilliant cuts like round or cushion.


Jennifer Lawrence’s engagement ring from Cooke Maroney features a massive emerald-cut diamond set on a sleek platinum band. This design emphasizes the diamond’s clarity and size, creating a beautifully sophisticated look.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Inspo

Priyanka Chopra: Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Image Source: Hindu Stan Times


  • Soft Edges: The rounded corners of a cushion-cut diamond create a softer and more romantic look.
  • Vintage Appeal: This cut often has a vintage charm that appeals to many.
  • Brilliance: Cushion cuts are known for their excellent light dispersion, creating a sparkling effect.


  • Less Modern: Some might find this cut less contemporary compared to other styles like the princess or emerald cut.
  • Depth: The deeper cut can sometimes make the diamond appear smaller than its carat weight.

Priyanka’s Ring:

Reports suggested that Nick shut down a whole Tiffany store when he made the big purchase. It looks like he made the right decision, as now Priyanka proudly shows off her cushion cut with a side baguettes sparkling engagement ring.

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Inspo

Blake Lively: Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Image Source: The Knot


  • Elegant Shape: The elongated shape of an oval-cut diamond creates a graceful and elegant look.
  • Illusion of Size: Oval cuts often appear larger than round cuts of the same carat weight.
  • Finger-Flattering: The shape can make fingers appear longer and more slender.


  • Bow-Tie Effect: Many oval-cut diamonds exhibit a bow-tie effect, where a dark area appears across the center of the diamond.
  • Less Sparkle: While still brilliant, the oval cut may not sparkle as much as a round brilliant cut.

Blake’s Ring:

It is made of rose gold and custom-designed by celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. At an estimated value of $2 million, this flawless pink oval diamond engagement ring is a stunner!



Over the past decade, celebrity diamond engagement rings have showcased a wide range of styles. The key is to choose a ring that reflects your personality and love story.

By considering the pros and cons of each style, you can find inspiration to select an engagement ring that is as unique and beautiful as your relationship. 

Is there another celebrity ring that we should feature, please let us know in the comments.


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