The Bold and The Burly – “Diamond Divers” on Spike TV

By Erika W.

Like Ice Road Truckers? A new burly man reality drama is coming to Spike TV.
The network has picked up “Diamond Divers,” a series following a crew of divers and sailors searching for diamonds off the coast of South Africa.

Ten episodes are in the works. The show will air in 2012.

From Spike TV:

Diamond Divers features a crew of courageous divers and sailors who venture into one of the most dangerous waters known to man: the South African Skeleton Coast. Not only will this crew have to overcome some of the roughest waters out there and dangerous weather, but they’ll also have to steer clear of greedy poachers and bloodthirsty sharks – all to find the endless riches that lie under the sea.

Looks like this Washington state crew will give the truckers a run for their money.

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