5 Ring Pic Ideas to Announce Your Engagement

One of the most fun things to do right after you get engaged is to announce your engagement with ring pics. People have come up with all kinds of creative ways to present it to their friends and family. If you want to get in on the fun, but aren’t sure how you want to do it, we have some ideas for you! 

So the question has been asked and the yes has been won, how do you get the word out? For a large number of people, this writer included, you share a picture of the ring! The implication of a ring pic is understood by most, and it’s a fun way to share your new bling. Putting a pic on your Instagram or Facebook is probably the most popular method for sharing with your family and friends. We also strongly encourage sharing it in the PriceScope forum!


couple embracing
couple embracing

This photo style is cute, a little sappy, and pretty direct. Anyone looking at this image will know that you are engaged and that your ring is fabulous! If you have a friend snap the picture, you can get better angles, so this is not a great choice for selfies; there are surely some who could do it though! 

It’s one of several classic announcement poses, but the classics are classics for a reason!


hand held out showing engagement ring with couple blurred in background
hand held out showing engagement ring with couple blurred in background

Focusing on the ring and blurring yourselves out tells a story. You are putting the token of your committment in the forefront, showing that is your future. It highlights the bling and narrates your announcement.


happy smiling couple showing engagement ring
happy smiling couple showing engagement ring

Announcing your engagement with a pic in this style is just fun! It clearly sends your message and creates a scene, I am particularly fond of the cheerful fist pump on the left above. Showing that you are both excited, and thrilled to be together. Giant smiles make everything better!


diamond ring in a rose
diamond ring in a flower

Light and romantic, setting a ring within a flower causes the diamond to reflect the colors of the bloom. There is a feminine beauty that creates a narrative of it’s own. If your friends and family suspect an engagement announcement forthcoming, this is a great pic to post. If no one sees it coming, this might need more explanation. 


mountain range with hand in forefront with engagement ring
mountain range with hand in forefront with engagement ring

Look at the beautiful views, oh and my new bling! Adding your announcement into a shot of gorgeous scenery is lovely. Friends and family may have to look closely to notice your relationship upgrade, but slipping it into your vacation pics is sneaky and entertaining. 

Big tip for people that are planning to propose: help to make sure that your intended’s hand looks its best. Take them for a manicure, get out that nail brush and pamper them. That way, when they are ready to show off that bling, their hand is picture perfect.


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Written by Kayti Kawachi

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