3 Stone Pave Halo

By Kayti Kawachi

Throwback Thursday (TBT) – Beautiful Jewelry Shared by PS Members

For Throwback Thursdays, we take the opportunity to re-appreciate beautiful pieces that have been shared over the years!

PriceScope forum member Jane101 first introduced us to her astonishing Victor Canera redesign on March 1, 2012. After doing a lot of research using PriceScope and the amazing members on the PriceScope forums, Jane101 decided to entrust Victor Canera for her redesign from a solitaire to a three stone ring with beautiful, delicate halos.

Victor worked with Jane101 internationally and understood her trepidation about sending her precious diamond overseas from her home in Australia, he was willing to work with her to make sure that she was happy and comfortable throughout the process.

What a wonderful story, and the outcome is stunning!


The center stone is RB 1.62 ct

Color: D

Clarity: SI1

GIA cert triple ex.

Side stones: 0.4ct each

Color: D-E

Clarity: VVS

with 0.92 melee F color

Jane101's 3 Stone Pave Halo (Top View) - image by Victor Canera

Jane101's 3 Stone Pave Halo (Side View) - image by Jane101

Jane101's 3 Stone Pave Halo (Hand View) - image by Jane101

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Thank you so much, Jane101, for trusting PriceScope to help you fulfill your wishes!

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