$15K Diamond Contact Lenses – Need some twinkle in your eyes?

By Erika W.

Are your eyes lacking that extra sparkle? These $15,000 diamond contact lenses could do the trick…especially if you’re going for that twinkly Un-Dead look. Or maybe you’re tired of people not noticing your diamonds? Well, then stick them in your eyes! (..in the form of a protective contact lens, of course. Diamonds are some of the hardest natural substances. No loose diamonds near the eyes please.) And if you do purchase these contacts, please come back to Pricescope and post pics. We welcome diamonds of all sorts.

Kidding aside, Wired.co.uk reports that proceeds from sales of these eye baubles will benefit “people suffering from Stevens Johnson Syndrome — a skin disease that usually results from a drug reaction, mostly sulphur-based drugs. It affects the tear glands in the eyes (glands that help to keep the eyes moist) and leads to loss of vision.”

Each custom made contact lens features 18 diamonds in white or yellow gold. The lenses correct vision and are also available in plain gold for those seeking a more understated look.

Click to view a slide show of Shekhar Eye Research Center’s Laser Eye Jewelry.

Laser Eye Jewelry, Diamond Contact Lenses
Photo: Shekhar Eye Research

Laser Eye Jewelry, Diamond Contact Lenses
Photo: Shekhar Eye Research

The lenses were created by Indian optometrist, Chandrashekhar Chawan. “I got mixed responses — some said its looks scary, but most of the people loved it,” said Chawan in a Today.com interview.

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