John Pollard

John Pollard is Senior Director of Education for IGI, overseeing and expanding the institute’s traditional educational offerings and diploma programs instructed at 14 schools of gemology around the world, along with customized courses, tutorials, and seminars for IGI clients across all sectors, including leading luxury brands. He is an Educational Advisor for PriceScope and has served as consultant for diamond producers, sellers and laboratories in North America, Europe, and Asia, presenting seminars for JCK Las Vegas, the American Gem Society Conclave, the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association, and various trade conferences in Beijing and Shanghai, China. Since 2005 he has held management roles with companies in both traditional and eCommerce channels, educating thousands of industry professionals and consumers alike. A former public-school educator in Texas, John holds degrees in education, gemology, and music. Twice honored with his district Education Foundation’s Award of Excellence, he remains active in youth education advocacy on a national level, holding a position on the Board of Directors of Music For All, America’s largest and most influential music education organization.

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Computer Shopping.

How to Buy a Diamond in 2022

Times Have ChangedMany things have changed since 2020. Some of those changes have expanded old paradigms, including the ways we interact and how we buy things."Zoom" has become a verb, describing a widely embraced system of safe interactivity which altered the way people and even institutions now conduct business.Di...

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Diamond Ring on Hand

What is a Good Diamond Clarity?

Diamond Clarity Described Clarity evaluates a gemstone’s internal and external clarity characteristics. Internal characteristics are called inclusions. These can be elements that were trapped in the stone as it grew or structural defects in the crystal lattice. External characteristics are classified as blemishes. ...

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Ferrari on road

What diamond 4C is most important?

The Famous 4Cs If you know anything about diamonds it’s probably the 4 Cs... Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. There’s plenty of information about the 4Cs which can be found online. You can also learn to define them in conversations with professionals and enthusiasts – but prioritizing them is not always easy. Some ...

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Mother Nature

“Not so Fast!” says Mother Nature

We're pretty cool, right? As a species we are thoroughly enjoying the production of manmade diamonds. We’re making incredible breakthroughs. We're improving quality and using them in different sectors.  We're mastering the craft of cooking our own diamonds in our own kitchens. At last, we’ve come to a place where m...

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Nigerian Lady

Bringing Gemstones to Life in Nigeria

The Giant of Africa Nigeria is Africa's most populated nation and the seventh-most populous in the world. Home to more than 200 million people, "The Giant of Africa" is a diverse country with hundreds of different ethnicities and languages spoken. The Nigerian film industry, Nollywood, is among the world's largest -...

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