John Pollard

John Pollard

John Pollard holds degrees in gemology, education, science and music from the Gemological Institute of America, Washington State University, Peninsula College and the Texas State Board of Education. He is the United States Executive for "Crafted By Infinity" diamonds and a regular consultant for diamond manufacturers, laboratories and sellers in the United States, Europe and Asia. A recognized authority on the global diamond trade, cut quality improvement and e-commerce, Mr. Pollard has been invited to speak for the JCK Convention in Las Vegas, the American Gem Society, GIA Alumni Association, IGI Seminars in Shanghai and Beijing, China, and Polygon's USA Conclaves, among other industry association classes and workshops. He has served as a reviewer for GIA's Gems & Gemology Magazine, the AGS Laboratories' Brand Project and numerous private publications and projects. A two-time winner of the HEB Education Foundation's Award of Excellence, Mr.Pollard was a professional educator in Texas for seventeen years. In his spare time he continues as a dedicated high school leadership coach in his community.

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Laboratory Cut Grades: What the report doesn’t show

Fri, 22 May 2009

1. Make is the term I will use to describe subsets of shape. A diamond with a large table and low crown is ‘made’ differently than one with a small table and high crown. A steep & deep angular combination is ‘made’ differently than a shallow combination. Diamonds of different makes have different visual characteristics but may fall within a single cut grade from a given lab.