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Trillion shape diamond

Triangular Brilliants, also known as Trillions and Trilliants, are
mixed cuts with three equally straight or slightly curved sides. They
are typically shallow and are often cut from flattened, triangular
rough called macles. Triangular Brilliants are often seen as side
stones for other fancy shapes, but when well proportioned, one can also
be a stunning centerpiece in an engagement ring. The Trilliant, which
was once a trademarked cut developed by the Henry Meyer Diamond
Company, comes to three very sharp points while other Triangular
Brilliants may have  softer and slightly rounded points. When cut to
certain proportions, Triangular Brilliants are very bright and lively
stones. The optimal length to width ratio for Triangular cuts is 1:1.

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Special Characteristics of Triangular Cut Diamonds

Triangular Brilliants are often found with shallow total depth
percentages.? This is common, as they may originate from very flat
rough.? If the points are sharp rather than rounded, they should be
protected by prongs or a bezel.?

Size Matters

Triangular Brilliants may look large from the ?face up? position for
their relative carat weights, because they are often unusually
shallow.? This is to be determined on a stone by stone basis, though,
as some Trillions are cut to greater depth percentages.? A shallow
Trillion will most often face up quite large, but note that excessively
shallow stones may loose brilliance if they get a little dirty.? One
challenge of owning a shallow Trillion is keeping it clean for maximum

Basic Triangular Brilliant Cut Guidelines

Curved or straight sides are a matter of personal preference, but
sides should be equal and even.? Look for symmetrical stones that have
a pleasing triangular shape.? Triangular Brilliants run the gamut when
it comes to proportions, so they are best judged by the eye, or at the
very least–if buying online, by photographs and/or an experienced
?vendor eye.?

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