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Diamond Search

Search and compare prices of over 600,000 diamonds from many vetted jewelers.

Jewelry Search

Find the perfect engagement ring or other beautiful jewelry

Multi-Vendor Diamond Quotes

Get quotes from multiple diamond vendors by filling out a simple form

Most Popular Diamond Searches 

Want to know which diamonds are the most highly searched on Pricescope?

Diamond Price Statistics

Average and lowest price per carat based on the 450,000 stones listed in the Pricescope database


Holloway Cut Advisor, a great tool to reject over 80% of diamonds not cut well to speed up your diamond search.

Buying loose diamonds isn’t reserved for experts; in fact, all buyers, even the most novice, will benefit choosing their own diamonds and jewelry.

Premium Diamond Search Package

The Premier Diamond Search is a package to help you save time and money to easily find the best diamond at the best price

Diamond Price Chart

Pricescope charts diamond prices from real live market data – showing the % change in D-I color and VVS2-SI2 clarity from 12/2007 to present

Sell Your Diamond

If you need to sell a diamond.  A great place to start.

Find a Local Appraiser

Search for local appraisers with our interactive Google Map

Featured Sponsor

List of our featured sponsors and the services they offer.


Other Resource

Diamond Books

Diamond and gem recommended reading.

AGA Cut Grading Chart

The tables below show the AGA Cut Grading system for round diamonds developed by D. S. Atlas and his laboratory Accredited Gem Appraisers.

GEM Advisor

GemAdviser is a free read-only software to show raytraced models of real polished gemstones to ‘view’ and analyze the diamonds and gems created by DiamCalc.


Diamond Calculator is a system of modeling cut gemstones, which enables precise calculation of the diamond weight and determination of the cut proportions.

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