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It has come to our attention that “PS Vendor” is a term used many times over, but not really understood.  It is not an official term and probably has many different meaning to everyone. Although we do not feel we can really define it and most likely not everyone will agree to one version of it, we thought explaining what types of vendors are on Pricescope might help people create a better understanding.
There are three ways a vendor will appear on Pricescope:

1. "Featured Sponsors" are featured companies we have allowed to run paid advertisements on Pricescope.
We thoroughly assess each individual request from companies to advertise on Pricescope and allow those we feel will best serve the needs of the community. 
These companies follow the exact same policies on our forum as any other trade member. 

We are very proud of the fact that many of these vendors have taken the time to post on the forums and continue to provide educational content and industry expertise. 

Although we are a consumer advocacy site and these vendors do not get any additional privileges, we are thankful to them for supporting through paid advertising, which in turn, allows us to improve the site for everyone.

2. “Posting Vendors” are those who write posts and generally include a company link in their signature. 
We allow anyone to post and provide educational content, as long as it is within the forum policies. 
To maintain the integrity of the forums, all trade members are expected to follow regular forum policies as well as those specifically for trade members section.

3. “Local Jeweler List” is a courtesy service. Vendors are added on request - after we look at the company’s basic operation, their website and their BBB status.
It is a free list and provided so members can see companies in their area who have volunteered awareness of Pricescope.

There is not an official “PS Vendor” list but all vendors are represented in one of the above ways or a combination of them. 

Our goal is to provide the consumer with a variety of viable options for purchasing diamonds and jewelry.  We have absolutely no bias to any one vendor.  Each comes to Pricescope on equal ground. The differences between vendors arise through the effort and commitment each dedicates to the consumers.  Reputations are made through a good rapport with the community and their success depends on how well they relate and respond to consumers. While we make every attempt to protect the consumer by assessing each vendor that we allow to advertise on Pricescope, we can’t guarantee the best match with any one vendor. For this reason, the best vendors are grown organically through their efforts on the forum and through their customer service.  By posting on the forums, members are better able to match themselves with the product/service that they find useful.  The most successful vendors have proven themselves over time by interacting with consumers and making a commitment to provide the best service.  They have passed the test of consumer scrutiny and continue to evolve and grow along with the community.  We feel that this organic approach is the most beneficial for both vendors and consumers and we are happy to be able to provide this unique platform to the members of Pricescope.

Hopefully this clarifies the status of vendors and how each is represented on the forums.




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