FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

PriceScope is a premier diamond and jewelry community helping millions find a great diamond for the best price. Our database consists of publicly available diamond pricing information as. We then present this information to you in a searchable form.

PriceScope is a privately held consumer advocate corporation.

When buying diamonds, you want to get the best possible value.
People scan newspaper ads, shop around or even hire diamond brokers. A better way is to use PriceScope – the ultimate resource for making informed decisions before buying a diamond. It is simple to use – just specify your criteria, print a price table and then go straight to the dealer or jeweler who offers the best deal. If he or she is too far from you, you can use your search results with your local jeweler as a price negotiation tool.
PriceScope carefully vets all retailers who are allowed to list diamonds and jewelry on the site.  Only honest, ethical sellers who offer high quality diamonds and jewelry with excellent customer service are allowed on PriceScope.
For any new vendor we check their Better Business Bureau, Google and other integrity and complaint site ratings. Excellent Customer Service is important to us.

Our forums have reviews and discussions on almost every jewelry firm in the world. Vendors who violate forum rules are not allowed to list/Advertise on PriceScope.

Retailers must have sold online for 3-5 years. We check their return and trade-up or trade-back policies, location, website quality, vendor backing, and diamond cut quality (using HCA). Every vendor claims to have exclusive diamonds, but typically 95% are virtual diamonds that 3 or 4 of our existing vendors already show at better prices.

PriceScope does not sell diamonds or jewelry. We do however sell a premier diamond search package as well as HCA score information to help you find your great diamond faster. We are an information provider. We do not sell diamonds or jewelry. The specified vendor sells you the stone, not PriceScope. If you do a search of the diamonds and click on it it will take you to the vendors.  Our participating vendors not only have great service but also very competitive prices.
PriceScope is on a daily basis.
Many internet diamond vendors are actually brokers i.e., they don’t maintain their own in-house stock of diamonds. These diamonds are called virtual stones.  Most of the stones offered to the public over the internet are listed in the trade business to business) networks such as Rapnet or IDEX. By offering diamonds via these trade networks, diamond dealers can offer lower prices as their cost of doing business is lower.
There are over 500,000 stones listed in the trading networks. Since most brokers do not own the listed stones, the diamonds listed may have been sold since the last time the database was updated or they may be out on memo for inspection. Even when a diamond has been sold, it can be returned after the inspection period and become available once again. The cutters or wholesalers may not update their listings daily.

Even if the diamond you wanted to see is unavailable, you can still use the price you saw at PriceScope as a guide. Reputable vendors should honor this general price for other diamonds that are very close in cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Through the sale of advertising. If you are interested in exploring advertising opportunities on PriceScope, please drop us a line.
Please let us know. If a vendor consistently refuses to honor their published prices they will be removed from the PriceScope database.
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