Wholesale Diamonds

Myths and Facts about Wholesale Diamonds

I’ve heard some internet diamond vendors and some B&M claim to be wholesalers. But if they’re selling diamonds to everyone, aren’t they pretty much a retailer? Are there really wholesalers that sell to non-professionals? Is it a marketing trick? See the answer to this and other common misconceptions about the term “wholesale”.

Wholesale Diamonds to the Public – Can You Say That?

Understand why this phrase is misleading and wrong.

Wholesale Diamonds Pricelist

The difference between wholesale and retail

RAP Diamond Prices and Internet Diamond Dealers

Understand the context of Rapaport List prices

Rapaport Diamond Report

What is the Rapaport and how does it effect how the trade calculates diamond prices.

How Rapaport list works

Rap lists diamonds in separate grids of carat weight, with prices in $100’s per carat in rows from D to M for Color and separate columns for each Clarity grade (including SI3 which is a split of SI2 and I1).

Traps with Raps

Suppose a jeweler shows you a “Rap” sheet and says “this is the secret industry bible and I will sell you this diamond for 10% below the prices on it!” Shop hard enough, especially on 47th street in the Big Apple and it will probably happen to you.

Using Rap and Rapnet

At its simplest level the price list is used by buyers and sellers as a price list of market values for various sizes colors and clarity qualities. There are price guides published by organizations that may well reflect the goings on in local markets. In the international industry and the big end of town, the Rapaport list reigns supreme.

Price Scope Unveils the Truth about Wholesale Diamonds

Price Scope, a premier diamond and jewelry community unveils the truth about diamond wholesale. Contrary to what many jewelry buyers know, they cannot purchase wholesale diamonds, as it is technically illegal for a retailer to say that they are selling diamonds at wholesale prices. This is the reason why purchasing diamonds wholesale is risky, but if buyers know what to do, they do not have anything to worry about. In buying diamonds for sale, buyers are advised to know why they should purchase online, the advantages and prices, how to select the best diamonds and where to purchase them.

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