Engagement Ring Cleaning and Care

Gold and platinum are durable but not strong metals and will resist attacks from all but the harshest chemicals; you will suffer well before the rings!

Diamond settings do wear out so periodically ask a jeweler to check for any damage to prongs or bezels. If you see a loose stone, raised prong or you notice a new sharp edge catching on clothing take it to a professional jeweler for repair at once.

Some people believe in frequent polishing to keep the rings shiny, but consider that your ring may have 10 years of maintenance free wear and each time you give it to a jeweler to polish you are polishing away six months wear! We suggest polishing is reserved for very special occasions.

Diamonds like being cleaned in any household cleaners like window cleaners and dishwashing liquid with a dash of ammonia (if you can stand the smell). The best results are obtained by adding some boiling water to the solution in a cup. Give the diamonds a clean with an old toothbrush and then have a good rinse with the PLUG IN the sink! Dry with some tissue paper.

Gin is for drinking and tooth paste for teeth. Covering the back of a diamond with toothpaste, as some people suggest, is a great way to make diamonds really dirty.

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