Measurements and Depth Percentage

All measurements and proportions are shown in Appendix III.

Confirming the largest and smallest diameter of a diamond with a micrometer is difficult. This survey did not attempt to check the accuracy of diameter measurements, which are generally reported by a Sarin Technologies scanning device. Diameter variations of 0.01 to 0.03mm were common. Depth measurements varied from none to 0.03mm, with an average of less than 0.02mm. It is a common practice to identify a diamond, or to ensure that a diamond matches its report, by comparing its measurements to those on the certificate.

Measurement variations led to inconsistencies in depth percentages, which varied by an average of 0.4% and as much as 0.7% between different laboratories. Depth percentages and table size ratios are used by many buyers to make purchasing decisions; therefore measurement accuracy affects a diamonds market value.




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