Understanding Table Size of a Round Brilliant Diamond


The table width is the octagonal shape on top of the diamonds known as the top facet and is denoted as a % of the diameter.  In other words, you take the width/diameter and divide by the table measurement to get the table %.  A big range of table sizes works well with slight ‘personality differences’.  See figure 1 below to see the table in the on the diamond.

Details about a diamonds. Top and side view.

The top cut grades from AGS and GIA include 52% to 61% table sizes. But for rings above half a carat most experts prefer tables between 54% and 59% but bigger table-sized diamonds can save you money.

Larger table diamonds have a better ‘spread’ and can look brighter, i.e. they return more light, but can have fewer fire flashes than smaller table diamonds.

The smaller the table the more chance for the steeper crown angle to disperse light into rainbows creating fire or colored flashes.

Smaller diamonds (say under half a carat) do not show as much fire anyway, so many people prefer bigger tables for small stones because they are more brilliant.

Smaller table diamonds show also more scintillation, or sparkles, as you rock a diamond. Because your line of sight is ‘bent’ more by crown facets so you look more deeply into the diamond and see more facets inside the stone.

Many people think old cut diamonds show more fire because they often have very small tables (and steeper crown angles).

If you follow the video links to the stones on the right you will that the smaller table diamonds appear to have more facets than the larger table stones as they.

Table sizes over 60% have a larger spread or diameter for their carat weight; there is less weight in the crown. You get a bigger looking rock for less cash. We suggest an upper limit of 63%.

In the end the table size it is your personal choice.

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As the table sizes get larger, beware of the fish-eye effect.


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