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  1. xxeevvaaxx

    #TBT my pink cushion-cut double halo e-ring is here~! (pic heavy)

    i know (double) halos are not for everyone, but i absolutely LOVE how my ring turned out. i truly appreciate those who helped me with the design process! :) indoors under various lighting: obligatory car shots (with potential wedding band?): details. thank you for letting me share!
  2. ForteKitty

    #TBT 4.75 Namibian Garnet from Mastercutgems set in DK halo

    After almost 5 years, I finally set this: I'm trigger happy when it comes to purchasing gems, but very setting shy. Something about setting them seem so... permanent. Silly, since they can be...
  3. NKOTB

    #TBT Columbian emerald in halo by David Klass

    I got this emerald a little over a year ago: I started talks with David Klass in November of last year on how to set it. I knew I wanted milgrain, halo and engraving, but beyond that, the details needed...
  4. makeable

    #TBT My tanzanite temptation by Victor Canera

    I purchased the tanzanite in sometime in the mid 90's while I working in Tanzania. I saw the stone in a little shop at the Sheraton in Dar es Salaam and I couldn't pass up the deep velvety blue purple color. I thought about setting it dozens of times but was deathly afraid the jeweler would...
  5. StarWarsChick

    #TBT My pink diamond ring from Leibish!!

    I'm so excited to show of my gorgeous ring that I got last Friday from Leibish! They custom made my setting based on a setting I liked but wanted some changes to and needed to accomodate a pear vs a square pink diamond. I also had some special details I wanted incorporated including some...
  6. apacherose

    #TBT My crazy flight of fancy wedding set

    This is a crazy flight of fancy wedding set. My husband is a lovely man for supporting this superfluous creative endeavor, and I feel humbled and fortunate to have experienced this in my life. Through 16 years and 5 kids it has been a colorful and rich life together and I am grateful for all of...
  7. mariedtiger

    #JOTW Love, creativity and strength, an FCD ring for a 40 year pre

    I'm turning forty in a few years. I wanted to celebrate it and the journey this far with a ring, as well as remind myself of important lessons learned. I started out last summer, researching fancy colored diamonds here on PS, contacting many stores. I ended up with Leibish and Diamonds by...
  8. Acinom

    #TBT Fruity freshness: 4.68 ct rubellite ring by ERD/BE

    Ever tried a piece of fruit on top of a wheat engraved ring? C'est delicieux!!! Today I picked up my new ring, made by ERD/BE with rubellite tourmaline by Gemfix. I was a bit nervous as I had not seen the stone in real life before I picked it up today. I must say I am amazed by the colour. It...
  9. artdecolover71

    #TBT Rose cut solitaire-organic meets vintage!

    Last year, I started seeing rose cuts on PS, Cathy Waterman and Singlestone, I fell in love....after much time on pinterest and time to gather ideas and buy stones (I bought two because I could not decide), my ring is complete. I must thank Poppyseed and Alb of Amcor because they truly...
  10. starryeyed

    #TBT 2.008-ct WF ACA G VS2 RB Pendant Re-Set

    These images of my RB re-set from WF just arrived today. The goals of this re-set were to give the diamond more presence and to prevent flipping, twisting, and traveling around my neck. The new chain can slide through this setting. There are eight 7-point melee in the chain, 4 from my pear...
  11. apacherose

    #TBT My Romantic Rose Gold Wedding Set

    Like so many of the twists and surprises in my life with my husband, this wedding set came into being a little bit backwards and with rather odd timing… and in the end I couldn’t be happier. Looking at it makes me smile and laugh to myself a bit- some elements are me, some my husband, and the...
  12. Crystal72384

    #TBT Look what got delivered this morning!!! *pics*

    After holding on to my unset 3.19 M AVC for 6 months, I finally decided that it wasn't quite right for me. My 30th birthday was coming and I used this as an opportunity to "upgrade" my diamond. This amazing ring arrived at my door at 7:45 AM this morning.....Can you guess what the specs are...
  13. Tanzigrrl

    #TBT 10 year anniversary ring

    Our 10 year wedding anniversary is August 6, and I picked this beauty up today (a wee bit early)! This is my 1.46ct C5ish-C7 cognac diamond (8.83 x 5.26 x 4.09mm) set with .60ctw of 60/60 cut E color VS2/SI1 diamonds in 14kt rose gold. Like almost all of my custom-made jewelry, Courtney...
  14. the_mother_thing

    #JOTW My Alexandrite ring ... A year+ in the making

    My s/o bought this 2.02 natural unheated & untreated alexandrite for me a little over a year ago after I had ogled it on Multicorlour's website for several months. I stumbled upon it when we were discussing birthstones, and he asked that I google search his. This exact stone came up in the...
  15. sarahb

    #TBT Long overdue SMTB

    Ladies & Gents: I wanted to show my new three stone ring which I received early April. We agonized for some time as to whether or not we should have the center recut--sent it off to WF to see what they thought--- so so glad we did!! :love: :love: Recut thread here for anyone interested in...
  16. Rosebloom

    #TBT 2.5ct blue sapphire, 1.2ctw diamond sides in WF Butterflies

    My dream ring is here! I absolutely love it! Stats and pics first: 2.55 ct round blue sapphire from Master Cut Gems. The stone is 8.22 x 8.12 x 5.13mm deep. The sides are my former studs: .615ct, 5.45mm, AGS Ideal cut, HVS1 and .61ct, 5.48mm, AGS Ideal cut, GVS1. It is set by Whiteflash in a...
  17. Alex T

    #TBT Pearl & OMC Antique Heirloom Ring

    Hi everyone! :wavey: I have posted this in the Pearls forum for some advice on cleaning, but thought i would post it here too. We sadly lost my Great Aunt at Easter at the very beautiful age of 99. She had no children of her own, and my mother was an only child so they kind of adopted each...
  18. NKOTB

    #TBT Light yellow (sometimes!) transitional cut in double halo

    I bought this diamond from Fortekitty last summer. I couldn't figure out what exactly I wanted to do with it. I wanted it in yellow gold, but I don't tend to wear yg. I thought about a pendant, but wanted to see its lovely faceting. I just couldn't commit. Then I saw this setting on...
  19. bright ice

    #TBT I'm officially engaged, custom hand forged ring by ERD

    I am engaged to a wonderful man who allowed me to pick my stone and custom setting. I chose of course an OEC, 4.13ct, GIA J VS1 from Old World Diamond and allowed Mark of ERD to make my custom setting. He was a pleasure to work with and his customer service was superb. It is platinum, size 6...
  20. cokitty

    #JOTW Blue Velvet Five Stone Ring Spinel and Diamonds by SK

    I love blue, what girl doesn't? A few months ago I was on Africa Gems. I saw a blue spinel that was just delicious. It had a deep rich blue and an amazing cut. I reached out to Marc Sarosi and he sent it out to me for review. Well once I saw it, I had to have it. The stone is 4.97 blue spinel in...
  21. LLJsmom

    #TBT 2.3 ctw diamond studs...almost here!!

    I received an email today that my studs will be arriving ahead of schedule. woo-hoo!! :appl: :appl: I will do THE pick up tomorrow. So excited. Wanted to share pics from WF. Liza and Vera have just gone above and beyond. I would be more than happy to work with them and the WF team again...
  22. Acinom

    #TBT Paraiba sea glow and french cut waves - my Leon Mege ring!

    Tomorrow I will pick up my new Leon Mege ring with a 2.07 ct Paraiba, sourced by Perry. I cannot wait to see what the ring looks like in real life! It was actually the Caribbean see that inspired me to find a sea blue Paraiba. And, although I already have a ring with french cut sides, I...
  23. DorotheaBrooke

    #JOTW Custom Maytal Hannah Ring with GOG August Vintage Cushion

    I am so in love with my brand new custom ring created by Maytal Hannah! The ring is a 10 year anniversary gift from my sweet husband, but other than the budget, I planned everything. I'm not a big jewelry person (at least, I wasn't) and discovering PS opened up a whole new world for me. I soon...
  24. diamondseeker2006

    #TBT My Beaudry Aquamarine ring and Beaudry Collection

    I finally set my third, and final Beaudry ring! It has a center oval with side half moons and princess cut diamonds set into the shank. All three of these rings came from Pearlman's Jeweler's. I greatly appreciate all the help from Bill Pearlman and Julian Price! They have the best customer...
  25. L

    #TBT My fiancé and IDJ nailed it! 1.71ct RB

    After nearly 7 years of mostly lurking here I finally have something to share with all of you. My fiancé proposed to me on his birthday with a ring that’s beyond my wildest dreams! It truly takes my breath away every time I look at it. GIA Triple Ex 1.71 E SI1 - Totally Eyeclean HCA Score...
  26. m-2-b

    #TBT My Whiteflash 1.5 ctw Shared Prong Bangle!!!

    Hi everyone! :wavey: I decided to start a thread on my new Whiteflash 1.5 ctw WG bangle! I've admired many other PS'ers bangles for a while now, so DH was gracious enough to gift me with this lovely sooner rather than later! :bigsmile: I decided on the stock WG setting per the...
  27. Scarlett1

    #JOTW Steven Kirsch's Sunshine and Flowers!!!

    Well I can't believe it, it's here!!!!!!!! I would like to thank EVERYONE here on Pricescope who has helped me on this journey, I would not have this beautiful golden godess if it wasn't for you. Steven has created a beautiful ring and he was an absolute dream to work with, I can not thank him...
  28. ForteKitty

    #TBT 1.35ct J V1 Old Marquise in OEC and pearl necklace

    I've been too lazy to post most of my loot, but this one deserves a thread! (eta: These pictures look awful on here! It looks much more crisp on my computer. Sorry.) 1.35ct GIA J VS1 old marquise. Necklace has 8 bezeled oecs and 8 pearls. The pendant has an oec on top of the marquise...
  29. susimoo

    #TBT Old World Diamonds OMC!!! My Pastel Kaleidoscope!

    I finally own a 2+ carat diamond. I love her!! She has been around for a long time and is a bit ragged at the edges (literally!!!) but it cannot take away from her pastel kaleidoscope amazingness!! :love: It was a bit of a journey, as I originally selected an OEC. It was truly stunning and it...
  30. adorezy

    #TBT Miffy - a 3ct+ stone to kick off my 30-something life

    I just went to collect my 3.16ct ring and I am so excited right now :appl: :love: Well, it’s still 6 months to go before I turn 30 next year, but I can’t wait to have this 3-carat stone project done. Ever since I turned 29, I have been actively searching for a 3 ct + stone, to mark the...