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    Blog "Put them in a Locket" this Father's Day

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    Blog The New Classics- part 2

    The key to becoming a new classic is longevity. The look has to steadily be a trend for so long - we would wager at least three years minimum, but closer to five - that it becomes a staple piece in anyone’s wardrobe. What is your favorite? From the blog...
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    Blog 5 Diamond Misconceptions: Part 2

    Welcome to part two of our Diamond Misconceptions post. Visit here for part 1 ( We are discussing five more diamond misconceptions to help you stay on the path to finding the right diamond of your dreams. What advice would YOU give...
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    Blog 5 Diamond Misconceptions: Part 1

    We have been in the industry for a while. And although we have seen the general public’s diamond knowledge grow exponentially, we still encounter some surprising diamond misconceptions. So, we’ve decided to highlight some of the most common diamond misconceptions we hear and set the record...
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    Blog June’s Birthstone Trinity

    June has three birthstones but all are related by a common thread. They all bring hope, love, and positive vibes into the universe. I don’t know about you, but we could all use a bit of that at this moment. Which is your favorite? From the blog...
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    Blog Memorial Day Jewelry 2020

    In the hopes of helping us all make an effort, we’ve pulled some pieces from our PriceScope vendors to help you quickly and seamlessly upgrade any Memorial Day look. What did you wear? From the blog:
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    Blog This beauty can't be masked! Liven up your look!

    If you’re one of many people wearing masks when you go outside, then you’re in a bit of a quandary. How do you accessorize your look when half of your face is covered? Easy, make a statement with some statement earrings. Now, this trend may come and go, but if ever there was a time for some...
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    Blog Should you consider vintage engagement rings?

    Vintage engagement rings are considered romantic by some and good value for money by others. Many are beautiful, but are they really better than a new ring? What is your opinion? From the blog:
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    Blog How to Look Good on Video Chat

    Many of us are working from home and that means an uptick of video calls between colleagues and clients. Now, many of us have mastered the business on top, sweats on bottom look, but still struggle with accessorizing for video meetings. Good news though, because we have some style...
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    Mother’s Day Gifts

    Mother’s Day is nearly here so we’ve decided to highlight a few great last-minute gifts you can still order to arrive just in time (or very close) to put a smile on your mother’s face. Let’s hop right in, we don’t have time to lose! What is on your Mother's Day wish list for yourself or other...
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    Blog The New Jewelry Classics

    American’s tend to revert back to our roots in times of crisis. The same holds true for fashion and jewelry which is why we’ve decided to take a look at the new classic jewelry items that are not only on trend, but will fashionably sustain you for the next few years. One bonus point to these...
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    Blog May Birthstone: Emerald

    A lot of the country has been battling April showers like crazy but fortunately, they’re bringing May flowers...and emeralds. The lush green of the emerald gemstone is a perfect metaphor of life springing anew. While we wait for our lives to return to normal, we can look at these fabulous...
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    Blog Before You Buy: Know Thyself

    It is easy to get caught up in a diamond’s spectacular beauty, especially if you’re in the market for one. Unfortunately, it is also easy to get swept up in a diamond to where you overlook some red flags. But, that’s exactly why we’re here, to save you from buyer’s remorse and steer you towards...
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    Blog What Does Your Engagement Ring Mean?

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but did you know that the same thing can be said about engagement rings? That’s right, not all engagement rings mean the same thing which is why we’re going to bring you a round of, “What does that engagement ring mean?” right after the jump. So what...
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    Blog Style File: The Talented Mr. Ripley

    The Talented Mr. Ripley is a beautifully shot and styled movie showcasing some beautiful jewelry pieces set against 1950s Italy. We highly recommend you add it to your Netflix queue and hopefully it’ll make our time pass a little bit faster. Which is your favorite, did any other pieces stand out...
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    Blog Diamonds Are April’s Best Friend

    What diamond looks are your favorites? From the blog entry:
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    Blog Crazy for Cartier

    The House of Cartier has survived for more than a century by sourcing the best gemstones and employing high craftsmanship combined with an iconic look. If we have to be at home, we can spend some time updating our jewelry goal lists, I will be adding a panthere piece to mine! What is the top of...
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    Blog Legendary Jewelry Collectors

    Do you have a favorite jewelry collection, whose is it? From the blog post:
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    Living Legend: Jennifer Lopez- the looks!

    What are your favorite JLo Looks? Check out the blog post here: