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Queen Elizabeth II - Favorite Jewelry blog post

Queen Elizabeth II – Favorite Jewelry

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s incredible reign spanned seven decades. So much changed during her time on the throne; she persevered and kept the monarchy alive through her love and devotion to duty.On the PriceScope blog, we have discussed the Queen’s love of jewelry several times. We touched on her use of jewel...

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Grandmother and Daughter

Can My Jewelry Be An Heirloom?

Jewelry that is passed from person to person takes on a life of its own. Wearing a family heirloom can make you feel more connected to those that came before you, and passing it on connects you to those yet to come.There are no actual rules for what qualifies as an heirloom; the emotional value of an item cannot alw...

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Throwback Thursdays: March 2022 blog post.

Throwback Thursdays: March 2022

March of 2022 is closing out and we got to look at some really great pieces this month. The Throwback Thursdays and the Jewels of the Week were all lovely and new pieces are being posted all the time. The possibilities are endless! Show Me the Bling is the place to show off your fine diamond jewelry, we are just wai...

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What is Fine Jewelry blog post.

What is Fine Jewelry?

Fine jewelry versus costume jewelry is a debate that frequently comes up amongst jewelry lovers. When one speaks of fine jewelry, we often refer to jewelry that is made up of precious metals (specifically gold and platinum), semi-precious stones (for example, amethyst and aquamarine), and precious stones (for exampl...

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Pearl and gold ring.

What is Heirloom Jewelry?

What is Heirloom Jewelry? is a motivational post on everything you need to know about the basics of heirloom jewelry. This blog post explores the definition of heirloom jewelry, why heirloom jewelry is important and in closing, I’ll be showcasing a few heirloom jewelry pieces of my own. If you have a love for heirlo...

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