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April Birthstone 2021 - Diamond.

April Birthstone 2021 – Diamond

  The diamond is the birthstone for April. The diamond is also considered to be the zodiac sign of Aries. The birth dates for Aries are March 21st to April 20th. Diamond is also the traditi...

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March Birthstone - Aquamarine.

March Birthstone 2021 – Aquamarine

  March is just a few days away and what better way to enter a new season than with a new birthstone. If you are a March baby you would know that you have two (2) birthstones: aquamarine an...

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February Birthstone 2021 – Amethyst

  If you are a February baby, your birthstone is Amethyst - a purple to violet color quartz. The word “amethyst” comes from the Hellenistic Greek “amethystos”, which translates simply as “n...

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Once Upon a PriceScope: Sister Act

  Vera pored studiously through all of the stunning jewelry that been posted in the Show Me The Bling! forum. She’d spent hours going back and reading post after post, riveted by the variet...

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September Birthstone 2020: Blue Sapphire

Antique 8ct Ceylon Blue Sapphire Ring Posted by PS Member Bluemuse It is a New Month! That also means a New Birthstone! This month, we celebrate the ever so popular Blue Sapphire. Fall will be her...

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Style File: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

  We have fully immersed ourselves in Royalty during quarantine from Royal Weddings to Birthday Celebrations. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle celebrated her birthday earlier this month...

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Carat vs Karat- What Is The Difference?

  Carat and Karat are two frequently used terms in the jewelry industry yet they mean two completely different things. Carat is a unit of weight used for gemstones, often confused with Karats...

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Turquoise Image posted by Ilovegemstones     We wanted to turn our focus to one of the most beloved gems that is heavily featured in jewelry from the Southwestern US. Many culture...

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