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TBT December 2021.

Throwback Thursdays: December 2021

On Throwback Thursdays, we here at PriceScope celebrate the jewels of our past. Every day on the Show Me the Bling! forum, Community members share their new bling for us all to enjoy. We’ve accumulated over a decade worth of fabulous jewelry additions from our members. The community at PriceScope is like no other an...

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Beautiful woman showing off her jewelry with a new years background.

New Year, New Goals

Every New Year leads to a load of well-meaning resolutions that are often abandoned before March. It makes sense though that the New Year presents a chance for new beginnings. I know that everyone hopes that 2022 is a better year than the last two, and it includes the perhaps lucky 2/2/22! Goal setting can help star...


Computer Shopping.

How to Buy a Diamond in 2022

Times Have ChangedMany things have changed since 2020. Some of those changes have expanded old paradigms, including the ways we interact and how we buy things."Zoom" has become a verb, describing a widely embraced system of safe interactivity which altered the way people and even institutions now conduct business.Di...

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Birthstone Jewelry Gifts blog post

Birthstone Jewelry Gifts

Searching for the perfect jewelry gift for a loved one? You can't go wrong with birthstone jewelry. PriceScope is profound for helping men (and women) find the perfect engagement ring and now we're going to help you shop for the most ideal birthstone gift. PriceScope Jewelry Search boasts the likes of Whiteflash, Bl...

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Natural Diamond Prices December blog post

Natural Diamond Prices – December 2021

Not another variant! Just as we were climbing up the ladder of economic recovery, the COVID-19 global pandemic is proving once again that it isn't leaving us any time soon. However, what does this mean for the natural diamond industry? There has been an increase in lab-grown diamond adopters and a decrease in consum...

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Diamond Ring on Hand

What is a Good Diamond Clarity?

Diamond Clarity Described Clarity evaluates a gemstone’s internal and external clarity characteristics. Internal characteristics are called inclusions. These can be elements that were trapped in the stone as it grew or structural defects in the crystal lattice. External characteristics are classified as blemishes. ...

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A blue back ground with the words THANK YOU written in diamonds

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is behind us, however, it is always good to take time to reflect on things that we are grateful for. The PriceScope Team has a lot to be grateful for and it’s important to us that the overall PriceScope Family knows that they are appreciated.  THE WEBSITE We are so grateful to have a beautifully u...


What is Art Deco Jewelry?

"This is Art Deco jewelry", "I love Art Deco jewelry", "I inherited Art Deco jewelry"... But, what is Art Deco jewelry really? When on the PriceScope forum, often at times we come across threads of Art Deco jewelry. Mesmerized by this captivating form of jewelry design. Some may question its history and what truly i...

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