Diamond and Jewelry

Chrissy Teigen family portrait. Image Source: Vanity Fair.

Celebrity Moms Jewelry Style

Mother's Day is 4 days away. If you didn't know that Sunday, May 9th was Mother's Day then this is your reminder. Year after year we've suggested best-suited jewelry gifts for mothers, so this year we've decided to do things a little bit differently. What better way to shop jewelry for your Mother (or you 😉) than to...

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The Origin of Mother’s Day

You’d be forgiven for thinking Mother’s Day is as old as other popular holidays, but its origins aren’t as far in the past as one might think. Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia is recognized as the creator of Mother’s Day, when she held a memorial for her mother, Anne Jarvis, in 1907. Anna Jarvis had begun lobbying for...

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Flea market shopping Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

The Unconventional Jewelry Hunt

I’m a self-proclaimed "prosumer" – and I highly doubt I’m the only one on PS. That said, there might be many aspiring jewelry shopping PS members that were just getting started before the pandemic. Sure, we’re all able to fall down the rabbit hole chasing pieces and loose stones online for now, but for some of us, t...

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Kate Winslet.

Jewelry in My 40’s

Kate Winslet (aged 45) in a pair of David Morris chandelier earrings at the London premiere of Divergent. The earrings feature a pair of emeralds totaling 8.94ct and 8.67ct surrounded by brilliant and pear-cut diamonds. (Image Source: The Jewelry Editor) As a woman in her forties who had a later start on some of he...

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Mae West in She Done Him Wrong 1933 Paramount Pictures

Jewelry in My 30’s

Mae West's baubles are more jewelry in the 1930's than in my 30's - but a girl can dream. Let me preface the following by saying that every jewelry journey is one’s own – the way mine has gone and my preferences and choices are in no way a judgment of anyone else’s or a ruler by which any others should be measure...

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Person holding stack of books - Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Diamonds and Jewelry – Recommended Reads, Part 2

  It’s time to round out my reading list – if you’ve missed the first half of this, you can find it here: Diamonds and Jewelry – Recommended Reads While I’m a lover of all fine jewelry and can appreciate anything from any era or culture (I’m currently looking for a good, comprehensive read on the Al-Thani...

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