The New Jewelry Classics

Diamond Drop Tahitian Cultured Pearl Earrings in 14k White Gold at Blue Nile


American’s tend to revert back to our roots in times of crisis. The same holds true for fashion and jewelry which is why we’ve decided to take a look at the new classic jewelry items that are not only on trend, but will fashionably sustain you for the next few years. One bonus point to these classics is that they also make great Mother’s Day gifts.



Single prong diamond hoops set in 14K white gold at I.D. Jewelry



Hoops are officially here to stay which is why it’s time to take them seriously and purchase a pair you love. We recommend investing in a versatile, medium-sizes pair in your favorite metal to begin with and then adding more from there. Hoop earrings have become an institution and they aren’t going to go anywhere any time soon.



Diamond door knocker earrings with South Sea cultured pearls set in 18K white gold at Blue Nile


We know what you’re thinking, “Pearls, a new classic jewelry staple, you’ve got to be kidding me.” But, hear us out. Pearls have come a long way from the traditional set which is why we’ve added them to this list. Opt for a new look by investing in anything but a traditional set. Go for some pearls with color or a set that incorporates mixed metals. The new pearls are fresh and modern and live in the 21st century and are not mere relics of “polite” society.


Signet Ring

Modern brushed signet fashion ring set in 14K yellow gold at Blue Nile



No, it’s not upside down day. If you think signet rings, much like pearls, are traditional and stuffy, think again. Signet rings are a wonderful investment and many designers are dusting off their jewelry archives and presenting signet rings in a new light. Today’s signet rings are more refined and look just as home when paired with other modern jewelry trends. The good news is however, you don’t need a family crest to own one, have your ring etched with your initials and wear it proudly.


These new classic pieces would make wonderful additions to your jewelry box. They go to show you that time moves forward but style, as well as people, are adaptable. Invest in these pieces and you won’t regret it. What classics are your go to, let us know in the forums at PriceScope!



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By PS Staff

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