Neil Beaty

Neil Beaty

Neil Beaty is a full time professional appraiser based in Denver Colorado USA. He”™s a GIA Graduate Gemologist and is both formally trained as an accountant and as a professional appraiser. He has been in the involved in the jewelry industry since 1978 and has spent decades as a master bench jeweler as well as training and managing others to do the same. His firm, American Gem Registry Inc. does appraisal and consulting work for consumers, attorneys, jewelry stores, charities and insurance companies. He is a regular contributor on the forum.

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Why Aren’t Synthetic Diamonds Cheaper?

Wed, 24 Oct 2012

by Neil Beaty
Professional Appraisals in Denver


Refunds, Buyback, Trade-up and Trade-in

Wed, 11 May 2011

Most dealers will offer a refund if you’re unhappy with your purchases within a certain amount of time and it is highly recommended that you shop with a store that has a refund policy. This is for purposes of evaluating your purchase to see if it’s right for you and, if not, they’re undo the deal. Think of it as a test drive. This is separate, although related, to a warranty that what they’re selling is free from material defects and that it’s as described. You can use the time to get it appraised, show it to your friends and neighbors, compare it to offers from other jewelers, check it out with your astrologer or whatever is important to you in making sure you get exactly what you want. Normally there will be a fairly short time limit for a refund and this limit will vary wildly from one dealer to the next. Some are as short as zero and some are as long as forever but typical for Internet type vendors is 10-30 days. Neighborhood stores seem to range from zero to 30 days depending on the store. One of the first rules in choosing a jeweler is this:


What is “Fair Market Value?”

Mon, 27 Sep 2010

Any statement of value must contain the elements of what something is worth, to whom, when and under what circumstances. An unexplained number is at best useless, and quite possibly misleading. That’s just fundamental to the concept of value and nearly every discussion of value ends up with someone talking about ‘fair market value’ as some well understood benchmark that you can work from. Rarely is it defined but since fairness is the objective it sounds reasonable. Don’t bet on it.


The Internet and Sales Tax – A Free Ride or Not?

Wed, 11 Feb 2009

There are literally thousands of different entities charging the tax and every one of them can change their rules at will, which makes it logistically difficult for a merchant to know how much to collect or how to remit it, even if they wanted to, but there’s a strong incentive on the states to cooperate with one another and make this process run more smoothly. For the states it’s a multi-billion dollar problem. Any changes will be posted by your own taxing authorities on their own websites and it seems likely that there will be some noise about it in the news but in the end, it is your obligation as a taxpayer to know the rules for your own community. Again, ignorance is no excuse.