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Synthetic Diamonds |Man Made Diamonds

A synthetic diamond is chemically, physically and optically a real diamond, though grown in a machine rather than mined from the ground. They are commonly called man-made, lab-grown, lab-created or cultured diamonds (a term not favored by International gem standards organizations, as they feel it is deceptive or unfair, even though by definition [produced under artificial and controlled conditions], cultured is not incorrect.) and can be grown in yellow, blue or white/colorless through a couple methods.

Interview with Dorothée Gizenga, Executive Director of DDI

JCK 2010 Interview with Dorothée Gizenga, Executive Director of Diamond Development Initiative

Price-prediction of diamonds – My analysis of the Alrosa-analysis

Last month, Russia’s biggest diamond miner Alrosa (currently the biggest worldwide supplier of rough diamonds) produced a report analyzing the supply, demand and prices of rough diamonds for the next 8 years.

New GIA and AGSL Naming Conventions For Cushion Cut Diamonds

Since October 2009 The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has attempted to clarify and reorganize its naming of cushion cut diamonds to leave less room for interpretation and inconsistency from one grader to the next. The American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) has also made similar efforts to enhance the consistency of its naming conventions to follow the lead of GIA.

Diamond Feather Inclusions: A Durability Risk?

When is a Feather a Durability Risk?

 There have been multiple forum discussions about feathers and durability.  In an effort to alleviate Pricescope poster concerns, we have asked several participating diamond experts to answer the question, “when is a feather a durability risk?”  Before we delve into their responses, let’s first take a look at the nature of feather inclusions.