What is "Fair Market Value?"

Any statement of value must contain the elements of what something is worth, to whom, when and under what circumstances. An unexplained number is at best useless, and quite possibly misleading. That’s just fundamental to the concept of value and nearly every discussion of value ends up with someone talking about ‘fair market value’ as some well understood benchmark that you can work from. Rarely is it defined but since fairness is the objective it sounds reasonable. Don’t bet on it.

Cleaning Diamond Rings

A close look at the different levels of cleaning a diamond engagement ring.

Lead Glass Ruby - The Nightmare that Keeps on Giving

Lead glass "rubies" are widely available and being sold without disclosure. *Buyer Beware*

Synthetic Diamonds |Man Made Diamonds

A synthetic diamond is chemically, physically and optically a real diamond, though grown in a machine rather than mined from the ground. They are commonly called man-made, lab-grown, lab-created or cultured diamonds (a term not favored by International gem standards organizations, as they feel it is deceptive or unfair, even though by definition [produced under artificial and controlled conditions], cultured is not incorrect.) and can be grown in yellow, blue or white/colorless through a couple methods.

Interview with Dorothée Gizenga, Executive Director of DDI

JCK 2010 Interview with Dorothée Gizenga, Executive Director of Diamond Development Initiative