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6 Safe-guarding Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Feeling the winter doldrums? It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to spring break and vacation getaways. Whether your travel plans include fun in the sun or hitting the snow-packed slopes, it’s important to know that the jewelry you bring along with you needs a little extra care. Here are some helpful tips on how to best protect your prized possessions while traveling.

A Study of Colored Stone and Diamond Cutting Angles

From Faceting Limits

The pavilion and bezel slopes commonly recommended for faceting are the result of trial-and-error and human judgment. This explains why references differ in their recommendations.

Trial-and-error is an effective way to solve complex problems until a better way comes along, but it usually finds only the best solution in the range of experimentation. Other good solutions may exist – beyond the bad ones – but are found only by accident. This has been as true in faceting as in many other scientific fields.

Making the Grade - GIA Cut Grading

Has the GIA’s cut grading system for round brilliant diamonds made lower cut grades redundant?

China on the Rise: Exploding Economy with a Fantastic Future (Part Two)

In the second installment of his two-part feature, John Pollard moves away from China’s tremendous retail potential and examines the country’s diamond grading industry.

Gemstone Cutting - Step by Step

I am often asked by clients, friends and family about how gemstones are faceted. I designed this photo pictorial to illustrate to the steps of the gemstone cutting process. The gemstone I selected for this first pictorial was a 13.3ct piece of rhodolite garnet from Africa. Due to the shape of the rough, I chose an oval design for the finished gemstone. The pictures below show the gem progress from a piece of rough to a finished gemstone. Each photograph is described in depth to highlight what is occurring during the gemstone cutting process.