Refunds, Buyback, Trade-up and Trade-in

In choosing a diamond dealer or jeweler, many people are interested in the possibility of trading in their stone at some time in the future. This is part of the value added sales pitch for a significant percentage of the jewelers and evaluating these programs can be remarkably difficult. I’ll try to narrow it down a bit.

They basically come in 4 varieties. Refund, Buyback, Trade-up and Trade-in. Here’s a rundown of the differences.

6 Cleaning Tips to Extend the Life of Your Jewelry

Spring brings to mind all things clean and new. While clearing out the clutter and polishing up the wood work this season, don’t forget to revitalize the sparkle to your jewelry collection too. Your smallest treasures are often the ones most overlooked. Now’s the perfect time to dust off the jewelry box and give the precious items inside the attention they deserve.

Thin is In: A Vendor’s Dilemma

Fashion is often influenced by the cost of production. With precious metal prices rising to record levels we have seen fashion take to a course where thinner and lighter is "fashionable". It certainly is logical, but it is my belief we have reached and likely have passed beyond a reasonable limit to an extent on how delicate and light some ring mountings are to be made. While the comments I am about to make apply more broadly, I'll just touch on a couple portions which seem to be creating frequent problems.

Cushion Cutting - Step by Step

This article is the second in a series on how gemstones are faceted. This gemstone cutting tutorial takes the reader from rough gemstone to a finished 4.59 carat cushion. The original piece of rhodolite garnet rough was 10.2 carats and was shaped well for a cushion cut.

6 Safe-guarding Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Feeling the winter doldrums? It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to spring break and vacation getaways. Whether your travel plans include fun in the sun or hitting the snow-packed slopes, it’s important to know that the jewelry you bring along with you needs a little extra care. Here are some helpful tips on how to best protect your prized possessions while traveling.