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Cushion Cut Diamond Guide by Engagement Rings Direct

Unlike many other Fancy Shape Diamonds (Asscher, Radiant, Emerald, Ovals, Princess-Cut, Pear Shape, Marquise, and Heart Shape), Cushion Diamonds offer to the consumer various options that involve different patterns of facet alignment cuts and ratios. The aim of this tutorial is to present to the reader the gemological knowledge necessary with which to make an intelligent decision in regards to their eventual choice. Diagrams and explanations of the cushion cut diamond along with videos and photos will be highlighted.

Custom Jewelry Design Process with CAD

I am often asked about the process for creating a custom designed piece of jewelry with the use of CAD (Computer-aided design).

CAD has been a great innovation for helping people see what they are going to get before they actually commission a piece of custom-made jewelry. The cost is minimal, and many revisions can be made until it is clear that both the customer and the jeweler understand what the other wants.

ASET – The Diamond Evaluation Tool

Of all the diamond instruments and analytical devices on the market today possibly the most valuable is the ASET (Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool). It is simple in concept, easy to use and to understand, and forms the graphical portion of the sophisticated light performance grading system used by the American Gem Society and its Laboratory. The cut quality analysis performed by the AGSL is widely considered to be the most comprehensive and critical of any lab in the world.

Gems of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country blessed like few others in its mineral wealth. By some estimates the untapped gemstone deposits in this country are estimated to be $300 billion USD. However, the geological surveying of the country has been less than 10% of the area! Precious minerals, oil and gas have been estimated to be in the 1 trillion to 3 trillion ranges. It’s no wonder why Afghanistan is quickly moving to try to mine and develop so many of these resources.

Engagement and Wedding Traditions around the World

The term “key to her heart” is a metaphor commonly used these days, but like many modern expressions of love, specifically those attributed to engagements and weddings, it is based on an ancient tradition that had significant meaning to couples about to tie the knot.


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