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The Art of Diamond Cutting

"The Art of Diamond Cutting” is an in-depth video describing the various stages involved in the transformation of a rough diamond crystal to a finely-cut gem.

The Modern Quest for Old Cut Diamonds

Over the past few years there has been a marked increase in the purchase of old cut style diamonds. We more and more often deal with questions from consumers who are considering both newly minted old style cuts and authentic old cut diamonds. Of course, the diamond material is hundreds of thousands of years old anyway, but there are those who wish to go “new” or “old” and those who just want the old look. A further layer of unknowns crop up when a client wants to differentiate from an unrestored old cut from an old looking stone that may have been more recently repaired or lightly modified for one of several reasons. Then, there are those people looking for all the best look of an old cut in a newly minted old looking diamond, which has the high light return features available utilizing more recent diamond cutting knowledge and techniques that did not exist a 100 years ago.

Diamond Laboratory Process- Basic Functions and Procedures

Diamond Grading – The AGSL Way : Part Two

Many consumers are curious about the journey that a diamond takes in acquiring laboratory certification. We place great value on the report that specifies the diamond’s identity and grading of the 4Cs, but we seldom stop to think about what it takes to make it happen. When you actually break down the process you begin to understand the full value added by a grading report from a high quality lab.

Laboratory Graded Diamonds – What are the benefits for the consumer?

Diamond Grading – The AGSL Way : Part One

In the internet age consumers expect to know the details of their purchases more intimately, especially the significant ones. In-depth and comprehensive information is more accessible to the consumer today than ever before. Informed diamond shoppers understand that certain characteristics that might not be obvious to the casual shopper may in fact be significant in terms of value and performance. These factors are revealed in high quality laboratory reports. Moreover, laboratory grading provides expert, unbiased, third-party evaluation that is not vested in the sale of the diamond.

Cushion Cut Diamond Video Guide by Good Old Gold

Good Old Gold's Jonathan Weingarten walks consumers through the cushion cut diamond buying process.