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AGS Laboratories - Clarity Grading of Diamonds

Diamond clarity grading involves assessing how readily visible the inclusions are in a diamond and accounting for an extensive list of potential variables including the size, number, type, location, and relief of its inclusions. At the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL), clarity grading begins once color grading is completed.

Why Aren’t Synthetic Diamonds Cheaper?

I get questions about this often and thought I would present something of an answer. Simulants are a different thing, and most of them ARE pretty cheap, but colorless and near-colorless lab-grown diamonds are pretty close to the prices of their natural counterparts. This often comes as a surprise, because people have seen or read things to the contrary, and because the whole synthetic gemstone business has precedents.

How to Evaluate a Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond

Fancy Vivid Yellow - "The King of Yellow Diamonds." This article will delve into the world of these most highly prized yellow diamonds.

AGS Laboratories - Color Grading of Diamonds

A diamond’s color (or lack thereof) is a critical aspect in determining its market value. Grading the color is therefore a crucial part of the laboratory certification process. The following article will illuminate the various steps and considerations in performing color grading at the AGSL.

The Art of Diamond Cutting

"The Art of Diamond Cutting” is an in-depth video describing the various stages involved in the transformation of a rough diamond crystal to a finely-cut gem.