AGA/NAJA Cut Class Diamond Grading Screening Tool

Created by David Atlas and assisted by James Jolliff and Joseph Tenhagen along with several other diamond traders in the years since it was first produced in the early 1990’s. This tool will assist you to estimate the cut quality of nearly every shape of diamond.



Most AGS0 Princess cuts tend to get a cut grade 2 using this tool and they are extremely beautiful stones. There are few standard cut princess cuts which would grade at a 1 grade, but those I have seen looked great to me when I examined them. However, the AGS0 is the special cut princess that has caught on with those who want a fine lab to grade a fine stone. So, don’t screen out AGS0 stones based on not getting a 1 grade in this system. The AGS0 princess is a special design which work very well with light, but tends to be a bit beyond the 1 range on the AGA/NAJA automated tool.

It is with absolute certainty that the vast majority of diamonds that have been sold to consumers in the past 50 years have been primarily in the 2B to 4A category of the AGA Cut Classes. Many, even most, of them look very nice or even excellent and most owners are very happy with these diamonds. Even today, most diamonds sold in the USA are 2B to 4A in spite of all the extra and readily available knowledge that consumers can now easily access. What does that say? I think it says most people need to control their spending budget sufficiently that they will agree to take a compromise on cut quality as well as to compromise of color, clarity and weight.

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