Post by Molly1024 » June 5th, 2008, 11:05 am
A couple months ago, DH told me he wanted to get me my first pair of diamond studs for our anniversary in June- since he knows I''m a Pricescoper, he asked me to do some research. Luckily, elmorton had already begun her stud search, so all the leg work was done for me. We decided on the bezel set .30ctw studs (with push backs) from ERD. Last week, DH made the call to ERD, and spoke with Mark Turnowski. He was very impressed with the level of customer service he received, especially because he has always been wary of purchasing jewelry online. Last evening, Mark placed a call to my husband after hours because of a little snag with our zip code, and stayed in the office until we called him back at 7:30pm. They just arrived this afternoon and I am so pleased! They are so sparkly and white, but since our anniversary isn''t until the 17th, I was only allowed a few minutes to inspect & one picture. They sit nice & low in my ear, and the bezel is so dainty! I can''t wait to wear them!

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