Post by winnie » November 29th, 2005, 3:41 pm
I have to say that I have had the most wonderful experience with Mark Turnowski at

I live in New York and have access to everyone on 47th Street and in 580 Fifth Avenue. My boyfriend was going to buy a certain stone at another vendor until I turned to Pricescope because I just didn''t feel great about what we were getting. But we kept getting the "you''ll find nothing better....!" by the other vendor. I knew deep down we would find something better and after finding Mark through Pricescope, we did!

I was looking for a cushion cut stone set in a very dainty mircopave halo setting - easy, right ? Wrong. I found one at Harry Winston and another at Cartier and was really set on getting that particular look . However, I was finding at many places on 47th street and around town a plethora of clunky and well, sort of run of the mill versions- sorry guys! I had found a jeweler that had that very skinny "Harry Winston" look and was set on having this jeweler do the ring. However, the stones he was offering were just OK.. I was so married to this setting, that I was very nervous to deviate from my plan of getting it from Jeweler Number One.

On a lark, I called Mark. He lined up 5 cushions for us and they all were lovely. On a first take, the stones were much nicer than anything we saw previously. Mark was also $500 less on a better grade stone and $600 less on the setting. However, I was still nervous about Mark''s setting partner custom making the ring. I gave him a picture and crossed my fingers.

Long story short, I got the most perfect ring- one of the women in my office asked me if I got it at Harry Winston!. It is perfect, the workmanship is amazing. It is a 1.71 cushion cut , F color , sI2. It looks amazing and sparkles like crazy! The setting is exact and the quality is amazing- a custom made setting, at least to me. makes a tremendous difference.

Mark is a pleasure ot work with and I have sent my co-worker and my brother, who were both equally impressed by his professionalism, pricing and quality.

I will post pix as soon as I can get an "unblurry" image.

I highly recommend Mark- trust me, I am very picky and precise and I am over the moon!