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So, I'm in the market for a 1.6-1.7ct AVR. Before taking the leap in June or July and buying my diamond, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS, I NOW know why

The AVR is a chameleon. Different lighting equals a different diamond. You will never ever get bored with this one. In certain lighting, its blue and in some its pink. Being a J, in some lighting it does have a creamy look but most of the time, it faces up white and so so so bright!

So, while I have this little fire ball in my hands, I thought I would take some pics. I feel that there's a limited amount of pics of AVR's on here so I hope to add more and show people how amazing this diamond really is.

I'm sending it back on Tuesday because someone is in line to buy the diamond. Hope its a PSer!!


Carat Weight: 0.93ct
Color: J
Clarity: SI1
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Ideal
Fluorescence: None
Width: 6.23mm
Length: 6.24mm
Depth: 3.95mm
Table Percentage: 52.13%
Depth Percentage: 63.52%
Crown ∠: 35.02°
Crown Depth: 16.75%
Pavilion ∠: 41.20°
Pavilion Depth: 43.86%

The link
Outside in sunlight
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