Post by gnuf » April 21st, 2009, 6:03 pm
So I''ve spent some time on Pricescope and looked around on the web and am trying to put it all together.

My fiance to be likes the Novo setting, so I wanted to get

This setting from James Allen and the diamond from Blue Nile.

So of course now I need to get it set. I was considering having it done locally and then have them do the appraisal there as well. How much does this service usually cost? I see JA charges $150 to set the stone and "set up" and appraisal. I''m not sure what that means and am unsure of what a reasonable cost of doing this is. So JA is doing the appraisal for me as well? Am I better off getting this done on my own? And is this appraisal what I take to my insurance company?