Post by Genafrgh » April 30th, 2004, 2:03 pm
After reading several negative posts about the jeweler we bought my engagement ring from, I decided to do a little investigating on a recent purchase.
I initially had a D-colored, VS2 .50ct diamond in a platinum solitaire which we had paid $2000 for. We ''upgraded'' at the same jeweler to a 1.00ct H-colored, SI2 diamond in a platinum antique replica setting with .30 ctw in diamonds. They ''gave'' us the $2000 we paid for the first ring, and charged us an additional $3400 for the upgrade; $1000 for the setting & $4,400 for the new diamond total. They appraised the finished ring at $8,000, so it seemed like a great deal at the time, but a little unbelievable. I''ve found out that with my diamonds specs, the diamond cost should have come in at around $3000, if that. Did we spend $1,500 more than we had to for an ''average'', and not ideal, diamond? Opinions please!

round brilliant
measurements: 6.41 - 6.36 x 3.84 mm
total depth: 60.2%
table width: 57%
crown height: 14%
pavilion depth: 41%
girdle thickness: slightly thick, faceted
polish: good
symmetry: good
culet: none
clarity: SI2
color: H