Post by cpster » August 21st, 2006, 2:31 am
Hi everyone,

When comparing a round and a pear of the same color grade, will the round stone face up whiter assuming it is an ideal cut?  For the pear, assume 1A-1B grade.  I''m shopping for pear side stones to match my GIA graded H colored center stone and found a really nice uncerted pair graded I color.  I got the stones just the other day and they are beautiful in terms of shape and cut, but I''m afraid they are a bit too yellow.  Image  So it looks like I may be on the hunt again.

What I''m wondering is should I be looking for G colored stones instead...or if this is just a case of a generous color grade given to the uncerted stones.  I compared these I colored pears next to my AGS 0 J colored round diamond studs and even the studs looked much whiter.

Do pears show color face up more easily than rounds?  I know everyone is going to say let the maker of the ring pick the stones for me, but my budget doesn''t allow for this.