Post by Sleepdeprived » October 31st, 2007, 8:46 pm
Shape: Princess
Measurement: 6.90-6.89 X 5.07mm
Weight: 2.04 Cts.
Color: F
Clarity: SI 1
Depth: 73.60
Table: 70.00
Girdle: Thin-Very Thick
Culet: N
Polish: Good
Symmetry: Very Good
Fluorescence: N
Lab: GIA - (I can get the certificate number if you need it)

I have viewed this diamond in person and it is absolutely beautiful...then again it would be difficult for me to distinguish between a good diamond and a great diamond. 

Verragio setting= ~ $3500
Diamond lists price was $15,000; Jeweler said $14,000 would be possible w/o me haggling over the price. Note: Jeweler knew my budget was $15k for diamond and setting and still brought out this diamond. I have not started the negotiation phase, yet that is if there is one...but someone once told me that everything in life is negotiable. 

1) Do you think this is a very good diamond? Anything odd jump out at you regarding the specs?

2) What about total price for the designer band, diamond & tax (6.25%).. is $16,500 doable?
They probably can''t budge on the setting since it is a designer piece, but if he brought the price of the diamond down to $12,000 the total would be roughly $16,500. I am sure they anticipate individuals to negotiate the price. My question is what should be realistic expectations.

Note: This was not a mall store, it is a very reputable jewelry store in my area.

Thank you in advance for helping me during this nervous time!!!!!!

Turning the diamond choice into your hands.