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I got into an interesting debate with a close friend while commuting to work this morning. The topic "Wanting to Stay Young vs Wanting to Get Older". I spoke for the "wanting to stay young" team. I believe that "wanting to stay young"(when I say this I mean mentally, we are all operating under the underlying assumption that age catches up to everyone) is about keeping your mind fresh and open to change. Additionally, I also believe that wanting to stay and look youthful is a matter of personal preference. As an example if women want to get comestic surgery done to improve the way she looks, I say that it is a matter of personal choice.She is probably well aware of the damage it may do to her body but again its a matter of choice. I say Live and let live.  


The arguments put forth against my theory were that people who want to stay young may be in denial and or immature and or refuse to grow up. Also that getting older also meant getting the comfort of experience, stability and reliability.


I can certainly see a greater degree of correlation between age and experience.i.e. the greater the age the greater the acquired wisdom. But the true question is, is there a causalty? Is it really true that everyone that gets older gets wiser. If true then how did the Bill Gates or Michael Dell's of today get to be so successful . What about the co founders of Google? The answer then is that these very same business leaders of today were successful because they instituted change. Neither of the two had the wisdom or the foresight that experience gained through age brought. Lets take Michael Dell as an example. in the early 1990's when his company was expanding; traditional & experienced wisdom told him to sell his computers via the standardized retailers/dealers route. He chose to sell his computers directly to the consumers via the phone and the then youthful internet. That model was a resounding success for his company.


I speak for myself when I say I am proponent of change. I also believe that traditional wisdom and experience should be swallowed with a grain of salt. To me, wanting to stay and feel young is not about immaturity or the carelessness of youth but it is about choosing to not accept traditional wisdom at face value. Its about what feels right from within and not about what everyone says is right. To me maturity is forecasting, understanding and acknowledging the consequences of your actions.


"Think outside the box"


This debate can furthur be extrapolated into the order versus choas theory. (Anyone read LE Modessit Jr?). 


In conclusion I think that in the end everything boils down to a choice that people want to make. The choice is choosing the way you want to live your life.  I made mine. Image
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