Post by kas baby » October 18th, 2009, 7:00 am
First, I apologize for taking such a ridiculously long time to get pictures up. This project started in June as a birthday present from my fiance. I contacted Sally (Heart of Water Jewels,) then she and I worked through the kinks of exactly what it was I was looking for in this ring. She found a lovely and quirky star ruby that I just adore. It has some flaws but I love it. I went with Sally''s suggestion for yellow gold, and as for the N/S vs. E/W orientation, I told her to suprise me- whatever way would show off the gem best. I finally recieved the ring in September after missing it in the mail as I was moving. Luckily I had it sent to my mom''s house for this very reason, so she picked it up for me and babysat. Two weeks later, my FI came to visit and brought along with him my birthday present! I was soooooo excited to finally see it and be able to wear it.

I tried taking pictures so I could post right away- but, my camera hates me so no pictures were any good. As I was waiting to borrow a better camera, I was hit with a few very personal hurdles which also postponed my little photo shoot.

Well, now that I''ve finally found time to take pictures- I hope you enjoy the few good ones I was able to get out of about a hundred or so, lol (thread from when the balance listing was posted)

(my pics to follow)
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