The Ultimate Cushion Cut Diamond Guide

We want you to have a successful diamond-buying experience. We are assembling this guide to help you find the best cushion-cut diamond for your budget and style!

What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond?

The cushion-cut diamond features rounded corners and larger facets, creating more fire (rainbow-colored flashes of light) than any other cut. It offers a range of length-to-width ratios to match any style, from square to rectangular. With its vintage appeal and stunning details, the cushion cut is an excellent choice for your perfect diamond.  

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What Types Of Cushion Cut Diamonds Are There?

Cushion diamonds have two cut styles: traditional with large facets for bold flashes of light and “crushed ice” featuring less distinct facets but a beautiful, glittery sparkle. Both styles are as versatile as round diamonds and complement almost any setting. 

What Is An Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond?

Square cushion cut vs Elongated cushion cut

A Square Cushion Cut vs An Elongated Cushion Cut

Cushion cut diamonds have two main variations: the standard square shape and the more recent elongated cushion shape. While the standard cushion cut is closer to a square, elongated cushion cut engagement rings feature the same classic cushion faceting but longer and more rectangular. 

Is A Cushion Cut A Good Cut?

A well-cut cushion diamond is a great diamond in your collection. Of course, the preference for diamond shapes is aesthetically subjective. Their vintage charm and timeless appeal make them an excellent option for those seeking a unique and stunning diamond choice. 

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Do Cushion Cut Diamonds Appear Smaller in Size?

Cushion cuts have a deeper cut, sometimes making them appear smaller than other shapes with the same carat weight. If you prefer a cushion cut diamond, consider choosing a higher carat weight to achieve your desired size. 

How Can I Make A Cushion Cut Look Larger?

Cushion cut diamonds may appear smaller than their carat weight due to their deeper cut. To maximize perceived size, consider choosing a cushion cut diamond with a slightly shallower faceting or setting it in a halo engagement ring. Elongated cushion cuts provide more finger coverage and often make the diamond look larger. 

History And Evolution Of The Modern Cushion Cut Diamond

The modern cushion cut is influenced by the Old Mine diamond cut from the 1700s. In the 1800s to early 1900s, the Old Mine cut was the prevalent diamond shape before the round brilliant cut gained popularity. This cut originated due to diamond mining shifting from India to Brazil in the 1700s. Brazilian stone cutters mainly used the Old Mine cut as it preserved carat weight well for the rough crystals commonly found in Brazilian diamond mines. Old Mine cut diamonds had a squarish shape with rounded corners, a high crown, and a small table facet. Despite not having the brilliance of today’s standards, this style offered impressive sparkle. The cut prioritized weight retention and speed. 

Famous diamonds like the Hope and Regent diamonds showcase this historic cut. The Regent diamond, a 410-carat diamond from India dating back to 1701, is a remarkable example of the early Old Mine cut. The Hope diamond is a 45.52 carat blue diamond that is famous the world over. 

The Hope Diamond

The Regent Diamond

Today’s cushion cut diamonds and Old Mine cuts share several similarities though maintain some differences. The Old Mine cut had 58 facets, while the modern cushion cut usually has 64, enhancing its sparkle. 

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Is A Cushion Cut Diamond More Expensive?

If you compare a cushion cut to a round brilliant diamond (the most popular cut), cushion cuts are around 25% less expensive. Offering tons of sparkle, the cushion cut is a great brilliant cut! 

Is The Cushion Cut Popular?

Cushion cut diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings of all styles, ranking as the third most popular option. Several celebrities have said YES to engagement rings featuring stunning cushion cut diamonds.

Does A Cushion Cut Retain Good Value?

Cushion-cut diamonds offer exceptional value due to their large facets and are among our more affordable options, often costing over 25% less than round cut diamonds. However, the deep cut can make them appear smaller, so larger carat weight is recommended for those seeking a more substantial look. 

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What To Look For In A Cushion Cut Diamond:

When looking for a cushion cut diamond, consider the following factors to ensure you get a beautiful and high-quality stone: 


Look for a well-proportioned cut with a balance of brilliance and fire. The facets should be symmetrical, and the diamond should have excellent light performance. 


Choose a diamond with an eye-clean clarity grade, meaning it has no visible inclusions to the naked eye. A clarity grade of SI1 or higher is usually a good balance of quality and price. 


Aim for a color grade that matches your preferences and budget. Generally, diamonds in the near-colorless range (G to H) appear white and offer good value.  

Carat Weight

Determine the carat weight based on your desired size and budget. Remember that a deeper cut can make the diamond appear smaller, so consider a larger carat weight if you prefer a bigger look. 


Ensure the diamond has been independently certified by a reputable gemological laboratory like GIA, IGI, or AGS. This certification verifies the diamond’s quality and authenticity. 

Faceting Style

Decide between a traditional cushion cut with distinct large facets or a “crushed ice” cut with smaller, more scattered facets. Choose the style that appeals to your taste and preference for sparkle. 

Length-to-Width Ratio

Determine if you prefer a square or elongated cushion cut by considering the length-to-width ratio. Select the ratio that complements your desired aesthetic. 


The setting you choose for the cushion cut diamond can influence its overall appearance. Consider a halo setting or side stones to enhance the diamond’s size and sparkle. 

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Where to Buy a Cushion Cut Diamond?

When buying any diamond, you will need to reach out to a reputable vendor if you want a quality fine jewelry piece. We strongly encourage you to buy your diamonds from PriceScope-vetted vendors. We can assure you that they will take good care of you and help you to meet or exceed your goals! We want you to have the most dazzlingly beautiful diamond for your budget and style.  

Lab-Grown Cushion Cut Diamond

Natural Cushion Cut Diamond

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