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Contact Name: cont_name Location: 9640 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA2, us, Web site: Maxferd Jewelry & Loan - website Phone: (310) 693-4699 Email:
Description: At Maxferd we offer free walk in evaluation for your jewelry or any item you believe to have some real value. Jewelry evaluation is the process we use to determine a jewelry items real world value. Appraisal is a much different process mostly used for insurance purposes to speculate on an items high retail replacement value. An appraiser will never offer to buy your piece for the value drawn up on the appraisal document. We however, will offer you cash on the spot. When you pawn your jewelry, you are basically taking a loan out on an items potential resale value. The contracts start at four months and are almost always renewable by paying a finance charge. Often, we can hold items with no payment from you for over eight months. We offer both high and fair amounts for your jewelry along with low rates of interest and follow careful procedures to ensure that your items remain safe while they are with us secured in our vault.
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