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Brian Pollard

Brian Pollard is Director of Consumer Education for B2C Jewels where he oversees technical training, consumer education, and internet representation. A specialist in cut-quality and imaging tools which communicate diamond performance, Brian was instrumental in the development of the Perfection Cut for Performance line of diamonds, B2C Jewel’s top-tier line selected for cut craftsmanship and optical performance. Brian first became interested in jewelry in 2009 while visiting the diamond district in Antwerp, Belgium, and enjoys a strong foundation of jewelry knowledge within his family. He maintains an active presence on web-based discussion forums, PriceScope chief among them, and is committed to exchanging information with other professionals and consumers worldwide.

Brian holds both a bachelor and master degree of education and is a certified educational administrator. The skills he developed as an educator in Texas public schools for 20 years have helped hone his skills in the arena of service to consumers, and have equipped him to communicate effectively in the written environment of internet forums. Raised in Seattle, Brian is a life-long fan of their professional football team, so the screen name “diamond_hawk” seemed only natural.

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