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  • depending on volume and season. A large quantity or complex pieces can take longer. Our staff will gladly discuss time requirements.
    Our reports are tailored to the requirements of each client. The standard report has basic details of cut with a grade assigned. When requested, a complete light performance data report can be prepared.
    Our lab is equipped with a Sarin,(including Cut grade analyzer software) an AGS ASSET tool, a proportionscope and we have a H & A scope.
    Gemcorp operates a complete lab for gemstones and jewelry. We are often called on to identify treatments. Period jewelry and old diamonds are a specialty. Trained as a bench jeweler, Mr. Turner has the ability to determine age, detect repairs, and judge craftsmanship on jewelry. We often prepare recut reports for damaged gem materials.
    2005 and 2006 -GIA Advanced Gemology, GIA cut grade orientation, AGS cut grade seminar, Tucson Gem Fair, SJTA Show, JCK show. 2004 - GIA Pearls, AGTA gemstone testing, Gem Fair, SJTA Show.
    Being by appointment
    Our set of 8 master diamonds have been graded by both GIA and AGS (Set #64476. In addition we have a Gran Colorimeter as part of our gem lab
    ]">Stephen Turner ,Atlanta,GA,us,30342; 404-851-9489
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