Timothy Schuler

Submitted by psadmin on May 04, 2009 - 08:38
Basic Info Name: Timothy Schuler Company: Schuler Gemological Serivces, Inc. Membership: GIA G.G. Phone number: 727-725-4029 Email: NULL Resume Practicing since: 1981 Court witness: Yes Charge Charge per item: Yes Security Locations Location(s): 600 Bypass Drive, Suite 216, Clearwater, FL, us, 33764 Postal Code: 33764 While you wait: Yes
Cut info report: Proportion analysis with manual and electronic leveridge gauges, depth %, table %, cut, polish and symmetry are listed on report, crown height, crown angle and pavilion depth can also be listed. Star length and lower girdle length if requested. Cut evaluation tools: GIA Gem Proportion Scope Other area of expertise: Detection of most treatments stated when evidence is found. Circa dating when determinable. Recent education: 2007 GIA Continuing Education on I-tunes2006 AGS Conclave Turn Around time: 2 to 3 days with regular reports, if longer time is needed, client will be notified. Master stone set: Master Set."


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