Theresa L. Newman Brossmer

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Basic Info Name: Theresa L. Newman Brossmer Company: Gem Appraisals Unlimited Membership: G.G, ASA, MGA Phone number: 909-596-8006 Email: NULL Web site: Theresa L. Newman Brossmer - website Resume Practicing since: 1979 Court witness: Yes Charge Charge per item: Yes Charge per time: Yes Security Secure Premises: Yes Vault safe: Yes Locations Location(s): 1403 W. Foothill #E,Lavina,us-MT,us Postal Code: 91750 While you wait: Yes
Cut info report: My reports include cut grades for diamonds (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, and 4B) based on dimensions, crown height, girdle thickness, table diameter, culet size, etc, as well as polish and symmetry grades, (Excellent, Very Good, Good, Poor) Cut evaluation tools: H&A scope. I am considering the purchase of an Ogi as it will integrate well with the PAS appraisal software I use. Other area of expertise: My area of expertise is Late 19th century through contemporary finished jewelry. I am proficient at identifying treatments in diamonds as well as colored stones, but do not consider it a specialty. I do not offer country of origin determinations. Recent education: I attended lectures in Tucson and Las Vegas this year, covering new technological advancements in diamond synthesis and treatments, including CVD and HPHT, and classes on recent treatment advances for colored stones including Bulk Diffusion with Beryllium and Laser ablation detection. I also completed the re-certification class for Master Gemologist Appraisers in Las Vegas in June 2005. Can receive directly from vendors: No Turn Around time: Usually same day for items that do not require exensive research. Master stone set: I have diamond master stones. It is a requirement to have diamond master stones to operate an ASA accredited laboratory. My laboratory is ASA accredited.


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