John H. Vivian

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Basic Info Name: John H. Vivian Company: Washington Gemological Lab Membership: GG, CSM, ASG, RMV, CGA Phone number: 360-459-1441 Email: NULL Web site: John H. Vivian - website Resume Practicing since: 1997 Court witness: Yes Charge Charge per item: Yes Charge per time: Yes Security Secure Premises: Yes Locations Location(s): ,Lacey,us-WA,us Postal Code: 98509 While you wait: Yes
Cut info report: All diamonds over .50 carat are measured and reported with the following - Length/Width/Depth; Table size; Crown Angle; Girdle Thickness; Crown Height; Pavilion Depth. Both numeric and percentages are shown where appropriate. Cut evaluation tools: GIA proportion analyzer and my eyes. Other area of expertise: Old Cut repros - Rely on eyes and measurements. Country of Origin - Don't declare. Treatments - Continuing education helps in IDing the treatments. When found declared with the exception of the normal and customary type (i.e. - Blue Topaz/Zircon, Tanzanite, Heat treatment within normal temperatures w/o diffusion in corundum, slight to moderate 'oiling' of emeralds, etc) Recent education: See Resume listed in #6 - I attend 3-4 professional conferences on appraising and/or gemology every year. Can receive directly from vendors: Yes Turn Around time: 1 to 2 days. Master stone set: Both - Verify my CZ 10 stone set against my GIA and AGS graded master stones every month


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