George Houghtaling

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Basic Info Name: George Houghtaling Company: Houghtaling Appraisal Service Membership: GG, ISA, NGJA Phone number: 678-521-4700 Email: Resume Practicing since: 1985 Court witness: Yes Charge Charge per item: Yes Charge per time: Yes Security Secure Premises: Yes Vault safe: Yes Locations Location(s): 4651 Roswell Road, Ste H701, Atlanta, GA, us, 30342 Postal Code: 30342 While you wait: Yes
Cut info report: Shape, Cut, Measurements, Weight, Table Percentage & Diameter, Crown Angle, Girdle thickness, Total Depth Percentage, Pavilion Depth Percentage, Culet Size, Minor/Major Symmetry & Polish grades (Expressed as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor), Shape Appeal and Length to Width Ratio Cut evaluation tools: GIA Diamond Proportion\nAnalyzer, Ideal-Scope/Firescope, H&A scope, 3\ndifferent Leica Binocular Microscopes Other area of expertise: Laser Drilled/Enhanced Diamonds, Recutting of Older Cut/Chipped/Damaged Diamonds, We Specialize in Internet Diamonds & Jewelry. Recent education: In 2005, GIA Diamond Grading Seminar, GIA Pearl Grading Seminar, AGTA Colored Stone Seminar, In the process of obtaining Fellows of Great Britain Gemologist Title Can receive directly from vendors: Yes Turn Around time: 3 business days on average, longer on larger appraisals or rare item Master stone set: Full set of GIA color\ngraded Master Diamonds, CZ Master Set with fancy\ncolors


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