Gemology Resources LLC a jewelry appraiser in Texas

Business Name: Gemology Resources LLC
Primary Address: 2400 Augusta Dr. #435, ,Houston,us-TX,us
Secondary Market: N/A
Phone: 832-820-9716
Independent Appraiser or Retailer: Yes
Appraising Since: 2005
Appraiser Related Memberships: NAJA, AGA
Appraiser Certifications: NAJA Certified Member, AGA Accredited Senior Gemologist
On-site Security: Yes
Fees: Per Item, 125.00
Assessment: By Appointment, While You Wait
Master Stone Set: Diamond, CZ
Additional Information: Please visit my website for a complete list of lab equipment. We offer advanced spectroscopy machines. We are able to screen for lab grown diamonds, treatments and origins of colored stones. Each appraisal I deliver a hard copy and a digital pdf. I preform home visits and while you wait on 3 items or less.


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