Arthur DeMello

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Basic Info Name: Arthur DeMello Company: A.DeMello Gemological National Laboratory Membership: BA. GG. J-BAR (JVC) JBT GIA Alumni MA Bar Assn. Bos Bar Assn. Phone number: 617-742-1630 Email: NULL Web site: Arthur DeMello - website Resume Practicing since: 1986 Court witness: Yes Charge Charge per time: Yes Security Secure Premises: Yes Vault safe: Yes Locations Location(s): 60 State Street Suite 700,Boston,us-MA,us Postal Code: 2109 While you wait: Yes
Cut info report: We provide depth %, Table % Culet Size, Crown Angle Pavillion Angle Crown height % Pavillion depth % and Cut Grade as done on the New GIA Certs. Cut evaluation tools: (GIA)Proportionscope Hearts & Arrows Scope, Sarin Brilliant Eye, Sarin DiaMension, Other area of expertise: We Identify: Rose Cut, Old Miner, Old European, Cut, European Transitional Cut, Modern Cut Modified Brilliants and Modified Fancies. We will not disclose origin until more conclusive testing procedures and equipment is available. Although much progress is being made in this area, we still regard this as indicator testing only. Recent education: Courses towards CGA (AGS) Courses Towards ASA. Can receive directly from vendors: Yes Turn Around time: Our turn around time is immediate in most cases unless onsite location or multipiece appraisals warrant additional research and paperwork. Master stone set: (2)GIA Master Diamond Sets, Sarin Gran Colorimeter