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ImageHi everyone.  My last post was an announcement that the proposal went GREAT and that we had an awesome time in San Fran.  I've been so busy as of late that I've been unable to post pics of the "stand-in", which is hardly just that, since it means SO much to both of us.  This little london blue topaz and tiny side diamond ring holds a wonderful, lifelong memory for us, one of the best weekends of our's a crappy pic, but the best I was able to produce...does anyone have any tips for me on taking ring pics?  I used my Kodak DX4530's macro setting and tried all types of light/flash/no flash, etc to no avail...anwyay, here it is in the box the night before I proposed to her:


And here's the Whiteflash wax of THE ring:


And "in the rough", which I just received yesterday:


Let me know what you guys/gals think :).  The small side stones will alternate diamond/sapphire/diamond all the way down, starting and ending with a diamond.  CS will be a .70 G-VS2 ideal cut (1A on the DIY cut grader) oval with two .05 H&A round sidestones.  The total cw of the setting will be .52 w/o the CS.  Not huge compared to some of the rings around here, but just perfect for us. Image  I can't wait to see the next phase!

Thanks to both Daniel and Leslie at Whiteflash -- you guys have been AWESOME!

EDIT:  Sorry for the HUGE image file -- I'm trying to make it smaller Image

EDIT 2: Ahh, much better Image

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